Bronze Service £40 + parts


  • bike wiped down

  • full safety check

  • chain measured for wear

  • gears adjusted

  • brakes adjusted

  • bottom bracket checked and adjusted

  • headset checked and adjusted

  • wheels checked for trueness with minor adjustments included

  • pedals and seatpost checked

  • tyres checked and inflated

Bronze Service plus £55 + parts


all of the above plus a bike wash and polish


Silver Service £80 + parts

Bronze service plus

  • bike washed and polished

  • drive-train removed, cleaned, inspected, degreased and refitted

  • pedals removed and threads cleaned and greased

  • wheels removed and trued


Gold Service £120 + parts


Silver service plus

  • complete strip down

  • forks removed, cleaned and inspected

  • headset removed, bearings checked and cleaned/greased or replaced as needed

  • new gear cables

  • new brake cables